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Impact Statement

Monroe Animal League Impact Statement

Since 1943, MAL is completely funded by donations and completely run by volunteers. 100% of donations support MAL programs. Donors deserve transparency. Statistics demonstrate the impact of MAL programs on our community.

In 2012, MAL funded 646 spay/neuter vouchers with the following breakdown: 595 feral cats spayed/neutered; 20 domestic cats and 31 dogs spayed/neutered. More statistics follow:

  • 2013- 599 vouchers: 566/14/19
  • 2014- 644 vouchers: 629/3/12
  • 2015- 864 vouchers: 839/13/12
  • 2016- 603 vouchers: 582/12/9
  • 2017- 586 vouchers: 572/9/5
  • 2018- 466 vouchers: 456/0/10
  • 2019- 376 vouchers: 349/20/7
  • 2020- 228 vouchers: 209/18/1
  • 2021- 423 vouchers: 408/9/6
  • 2022- 531 vouchers: 483/45/3

In 2021, the handful of volunteers keeping MAL alive feared the program would dissolve without modernization, community outreach, increased membership and recruitment of veterinarians willing to support our efforts. The current Board was elected in November 2021 and assumed day to day
operations of MAL on May 1, 2022.

Present challenges include getting the word out about MAL programs, sourcing funding for programs and finding veterinarians willing to participate. Presently, three veterinary practices participate in MAL feral voucher program and three participate in the domestic voucher program.

Presently, the need/demand for spay/neuter is greater than the supply of veterinarians. In addition to launching a revamped website, offering membership levels, creating merchandise for sale, and direct dialogue with other organizations/practices committed to animal wellness, like AWSOM, volunteers expect to engage in community outreach during 2023 to raise awareness so look for us at outdoor events. We will post updates as events are scheduled. Every dollar helps. Consider a membership, a recurring donation, save your register receipts from Weis and Kinsley’s ShopRite, choose Monroe Animal League on your amazon smile account, save your loose change and drop it at our office at 729 Sarah St., Stroudsburg staffed on Fridays between 10am and 2 pm, remember MAL in your estate planning, name MAL as a beneficiary on your IRA, buy a t-shirt or tote bag!! So many ways to show support at all levels of giving! Join us and make an impact!